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Empower your cardiology practice with Primrose, the cutting-edge billing solution designed exclusively for the unique needs of cardiology professionals

Basic Billing functions

Inhouse billing staff
Billing functions
Handles all basic billing tasks
Handles all basic billing tasks
Having an in-house biller gives you direct access to billing information
We pride in being transparent, and you get real-time access to view reports through Dashboard or mobile app
Patient calls
Taking patient calls takes up staff time
Primrose handles all incoming patient calls with questions on balance and takes payments over the phone. ¹
Mail processing
Processing incoming mail takes up staff time
We set up a dropbox to receive and process all incoming mail, including EOBS. ¹
Check depositing
Handling checks adds additional time to your busy schedule
Primrose deposits checks saving you trips to your bank ¹
If you have experienced staff, they get good at appeals over time.
Primrose has a dedicated AR team that specializes in their own domain and gain expertise in appeals. ¹
During this period of high staff turnover, if your billing staff leaves, your practice could be in a crisis.
Primrose uses a team-based approach with cross trained staff; if one staff leaves, it has no impact on the overall performance
Billing staff tend to focus on their day-to-day tasks
Over the years, we have developed multiple strategies to maximize your revenue. ¹
Prior Auth
Billing staff will rely on your frontdesk staff to get prior authorizations
We get prior authorization for all tests, & hospital procedures. This can cut down your staff hours by 16 hours each week. ¹
Billing staff are rarely coders as those are completely different skills. This leads to lost revenue and audits when physician codes complex surgery or procedure claims
We have experienced specialty coders for all hospital procedures and surgeries. ¹
Bank reconciliation
Billing staff do not reconcile with the bank statement and a few missing checks could result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue
We reconcile bank statements with our records and track any missing payments.¹
Custom Reports
Billing staff do not have the ability or skillset to generate custom reports

¹ - feature is available only in our Premium & Enterprise plans. Click to view our plans

“ I used an inhouse biller the first year of my practice and then switched to a top EMR vendor for the next year. Both attempts failed and I have been using Primrose over the last 5 years and I couldn’t be happier with their solution. Recommended ”

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