Primrose Vs EMR Vendors

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Are you relying on your colleagues and friends to tell you their favorite billing company? What if we were to lay out the facts so you can make the right decision for your practice?

Difference between Billing Companies/EMRs and Primrose

EMR Vendors
Limited-to-No impact Follow basic billing and focus on collecting revenue on the easy claims.
High impact We have developed multiple strategies to maximize your revenue ¹
Minimal You may receive a printed monthly report with no visibility into your data.
High You get real-time access to view reports through Dashboard or mobile app
Scrubber Validation
Basic Billing companies lack the ability to update rules in their software.
Yes Primrose constantly updates our scrubber with new payor edits to reduce denials.
Prior Auth
No Vendors do not support prior authorization.
Yes We get prior auth for tests, procedures and surgeries. Our staff takes up the workload ¹
Maybe Most do not have coders on staff leading to lost revenue.
Yes We have experienced specialty coders for all hospital procedures and surgeries.
Eliminate scans
No You or your staff will need to scan and email papers to billing companies
Yes You can scan and upload documents through our application
Bank reconciliation
No Even a few missing checks could result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue
Yes We reconcile bank statements with our records and track any missing payments
Facility facesheets
No You or your staff will need to print and mail them to the billing company.
Yes Our charge capture app allows you to take a picture of the facesheet and our team enters the data
Facility charts
No You or your staff will need to print and mail them to the billing company.
Yes Our charge capture app allows you to take a picture of the medical record and our coders will code the surgery
Balance reminders
No EMR vendors do not call patients to remind them of their balance.
Yes We can turn on balance reminder calls to remind your patients of their balance
Dunning letters
No EMR vendors do not send our dunning letters if their balance is seriously past due.
Yes We can turn on the dunning sequence for patients whose balance is past due.

“ I used an inhouse biller the first year of my practice and then switched to a top EMR vendor for the next year. Both attempts failed and I have been using Primrose over the last 5 years and I couldn’t be happier with their solution. Recommended ”

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