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Yes, we will pull information from your EMR into our practice management platform. All financial information will be on our platform
Yes, we will integrate with your EMR or pull medical records from your EMR.
No, hospitals have been clamping down on pulling face sheets, so we no longer pull face sheets. Your staff will need to download and provide facesheets to us or enter them directly into your EMR or our practice management software.
We will display a list of pending face sheets in the tasks module
No, hospitals do not give us access to pull records. Your staff will need to upload them to our server
The provider would input charges through our iPhone app
No, we only accept charges through our app
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We do not change any codes provided by the provider unless you provide us with written instructions.


We understand transitioning billing can be cumbersome and risk prone. We have a well-established onboarding process to onboard new clients. Our implementation team will go over the transition plan during the kick-off meeting and track each activity through to completion.
Our implementation team will provide detailed plan and go over the progress each week


Providers can input hospital rounding charges. They can also see their own collection and production numbers. They can look up charges and payment history for any particular patient.
Dashboard allows the office manager and owners to get a full view of their practice including collection, production trends and details. It allows them to filter and slice data by facility, provider and service line to easily understand their own business. They can view their receivables and denials.
The practice management software has a scheduler, messaging, billing, and document management module.
Basic practice management software is provided for FREE through our sister company If you are interested in additional features, there might be a fee for that and you can see their full pricing here.


With the Basic plan, the EOBs will come to you and you will need to scan them to us. With the Advanced plan, we update the payor address so all remits come to our mailbox. This makes the remit process smoother, cash flow faster, and avoids having to take the checks to the bank.
For our premium clients, your bank would provide us with a remote deposit scanner; we process all remits and deposit your checks directly into your bank account.
We recommend EOBs/checks are sent to us to make this a smooth process. Our process is set up for proper scanning and indexing of your remits. However, if you prefer, we could leave the remits to come to your office. One of your staff will need to scan them to us in a timely fashion.
If you choose a basic plan, we will mail the checks over to you by priority mail

Prior Authorization

We require one full week of lead time to ensure that we can complete the prior authorization process. If the appointment was created with less than one week’s lead time, then your staff will need to get that prior authorization themselves.
We pull a list of your appointments 3 weeks in advance. We start with benefits verification, and if the patient needs prior authorization for the tests/procedure/surgery, our team will obtain it.
If the payor denies the authorization, we will inform your staff and they will need to cancel or reschedule the appointment.
If authorization is pending, we will inform you by the start of the week. Your staff will need to reschedule the appointment.
Our team will open a ticket to get the medical record and submit it to the payer.
If the authorization requires a physician peer review, we will obtain a number for the payor staff and inform the clinic. Sometimes, payers will require that we give the direct number of the physician's medical assistant.


Our practice management software will show patient details including balance
All patient payments must be entered into our practice management software
We send out statements to patients. You can also add phone calls & dunning letters in the Premium plan
Yes, we send reminders for patients to check in online and can collect payments during check-in.
Yes, patients can see details of their balance during check-in. They can also provide the details of their estimate if your plan supports it.
Yes, our patient call team will take calls regarding balances and statements in our Advanced and Premium plans
Yes, we do in our Premium plan. We will send out a check-in reminder, and the patient can pay online or call us with any questions.
Yes, patients have the code that they can enter on our payment portal to make a payment online.
We will process all patient and payer credit card payments using our card processing service. If you need any of these to be converted to paper checks, we will send you a copy of the credit card and one of the staff at the clinic will need to call to get them reissued.


Our coding specialists will code any procedures and surgeries for you. They will also work with our billing team and review any denials.
No, regular E&M visits and tests are simple to code and we require that the provider code them to avoid a significant increase in our costs.

Bank Reconciliations

Depends on the plan you select. We do bank reconciliations only under the Advanced Plan.

Patient Statements

We send 2 or 3 statements to patients based on your chosen plan.
Yes, we make balance reminder calls to clients in the Advanced Plan.
We mark them for legal collections. You can opt to send them to a collection agency of your choice.
Yes, we can mail out dunning letters to clients in the Advanced Plan.
No, we are not a legal collection agency and cannot do legal collections. However, we can hand over accounts marked for collection to an agency of your choice.

Turn around time

We aim to file within 48 hours of receiving the charge. However, it can vary depending on how soon we get all information required to file the claim.
Our turn around time is defined based on the plan. With your Basic plan, one of our customer support teams will respond within 24 hours. If you subscribed to our Advanced plan, you will have an assigned account manager; they will respond within 4 hours to any messages or emails. They will also do monthly meetings with you.
Yes, we can mail out dunning letters to clients in the Advanced Plan.
No, we are not a legal collection agency and cannot do legal collections. However, we can hand over accounts marked for collection to an agency of your choice.


Yes, we will automatically request reviews from your patients after their appointment
Yes, any medical practice can add Google reviews to their website using our FREE Google review widget, even if they are not our client.

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