Over a decade ago, we started our journey. We took up medical billing service , built our own technology and tried to figure out how we can add value to our clients. It has taken us through meandering paths and many deadends. Through it all, we identified specific specialties to serve and built our people, technology and services around that.

COVID-19 made us stand back and reassess the healthcare landscape; we saw office based practices struggle to stay afloat. We saw the onset of virtual visits and heard the physician's frustrations as they dealt with new ways of treatment. All of a sudden, healthcare was thrust to the forefront of technology. It affected everyone - patients and physicians alike. And a revolution was born.

Physicians are hoping for a turning of the tide; to go back to a life before this pandemic. The reality is much more complex; as time drags on, patients are starting to get used to a new normal and are demanding that their physicians engage in a multitude of ways, often on their turf and on their terms. When that is denied, they are shifting and finding practices that support these models.


Our goal is to help independent physician offices thrive in today's digital economy. For us, that means that we will help our clients help compete with the larger groups, by augmenting in-person visits with virtual visits , supporting remote patient monitoring secure chat, and digital payments.


Our promise is simple - we will put you, our client, ahead of us at all times.

We promise to not sell you a technology or service unless we believe it is going to help you.

We promise to go the extra mile even when if we lose money doing so.

We promise to become a trustworthy partner and act with integrity.

Finally, we recognize we will fail you at times; and when that happens, we promise to set things right with you.


World is moving at an ever faster pace and we recognize there are many skill sets that we need to acquire to help you succeed. Towards that:

We are acquiring those talents and expertise at a rapid pace to round out the skills we see missing within practices.

We are setting up a remote workforce across multiple locations that can scale at a fraction of your current costs.

We are building a technology platform that will serve as a base to grow while integrating with your current software.